Founded in France in 2014 by  Bernard Cottard, Olivier Duboc Ingénieurs processes, agronomist farmer and owner of the company  ,`Les techniques de l’environnement` (Environmental technology)  has focused its developement in the field of biogas , technology with low energy consumption. The company is located in Normady.

The qualification, Attention and professionality expansion of local patnership is quick due to its concept of design, implementation of our vertical and horinzontal biodigesters of steel or concrete, Mechanization and management of structures. LTE is approved  for training and biological monitoring..


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Une société qui répond à vos besoins dans le respect des principes environnementaux.

Come see our accomplishments years son in the field of industrial wrought iron.


A consulting firm that meets your needs while respecting the principles of equities.

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